3rd China Cloud Computing Conference, Road to Cloud Computing Application, May 18th~20th 2011, Beijing National Conference Center

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China attaches high importance to cloud computing and its development. Believing cloud computing to be a major part of the next-generation information technology, it is eager to promote R&D and model application of cloud computing. On October 18th 2010, NDRC and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly released a circular, calling for innovative development of cloud computing and scientific arrangement. Model projects for innovative development of cloud computing services are decided to be launched in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Wuxi. More encouragingly, leading research institutes and enterprises in China’s electronic information field are making amazing progress in R&D of core technologies of cloud computing, and innovations of application solutions and service models.

To further the communication and cooperation in cloud computing with foreign market, and to promote the applications of cloud computing, speed up the development of cloud computing industry and improve the industrial chain, under the supports by Ministry of Industry and information Technology, NDRC, Ministry of Education, CAST and Beijing Municipal Government, Chinese Institute of Electronics has organized the first and second China Cloud Computing Conference to demonstrate the latest achievements in cloud computing and model projects. Based on that, 2011 China Cloud Computing Conference is to be held from May 18th to 20th. It is believed that China Cloud Computing Conference will bring powerful momentum to the cloud computing service in China.[more]


  • 1.Unprecedented:With the largest number of attendants, a gathering of great products for cloud computing fans.
  • 2.Elites:Chinese Institute of Electronics Cloud Computing Expert Committee has discussions with hundreds of famous academicians and experts around the globe, with thousands of professional attendants.
  • 3.Global vision:A gathering of leading cloud computing vendors from around the globe, cloud computing experts from U.S, EU, Korea and Japan, as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong are invited. Delegations from five cities having launched cloud computing model projects, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Wuxi, gather for the first time.
  • 4.Multiple themes:Nearly one hundred lecturers and forums, professional training programs to reflect the latest development in cloud computing in a comprehensive, and systematic way. Based on the core contents of previous China Cloud Computing Conferences, add the contents of mobile cloud computing, open platform, socialized computing, next-generation data center, data excavation and analysis, and green IT.
  • 5.Practicality:Around cloud computing platform and application solutions, covering internet, transport, power grid, medical care service, and meteorological services. Cloud computing experiences are to be provided for a direct contact with cloud computing.

[more]Lecturers to be Invited(Member of Chinese Institute of Electronics Cloud Computing Expert Committee)

Wu Jichuan Director of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Former Minister of Industry and Information Technology
Academician Li Deyi Chairman of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Former Minister of Industry and Information Technology
Academician Zhang Yaoxue Vice Chairman of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Former Minister of Industry and Information Technology
Academician Ni Guangnan Vice Chairman of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Former Minister of Industry and Information Technology
Academician Li Bohu Chinese Academy of Engineering
Zhang Yaqin orporate Vice President of Microsoft and Chairman of Microsoft China R&D
Li Zhengmao Vice President of China Mobile
Huang Xiaoqing President of China Mobile Research Institute
Yang Jiezhong Vice Managing Director of China Telecom
Dong Xiaoyu President of China Unicom Communications Research Institute
Li Sanqi CTO of huawei.com Product Line
Luo Shengmei Chief Architect of ZTE
He Zhiqiang Vice President of Lenovo, CTO
Tian Suning Chairman of CBC Capital
  Vice President of IBM, head of IBM Clouds Lab
Fan Chenggong Vice President of EMC/Chairman of EMC China,Director of VMware Global Cloud Computing,Intel Global Cloud Computing technical director
Martin Yates Solutions Architecture Director for Cloud Computing, Dell Global Infrastructure Consulting Services Asia Pacific and Japan
Rich Green Nokia CTO
Matthew Colebourne Nivio Technologies CEO, Amazon CEO/CTO,salesforce CEO,hadoop founder
Laurent Gasser Revevol CEO
Timo Nyberg senior researcher from Aalto University School of Science and Technology

Dr. Wang Wei-Vice Executive Director of CISI

Lv Xujin Chairman of CHT
Allan Alter Accenture Research fellow
Tomonori Aoyama Chairman of GICTF
Tharam S Dillon professor from Curtin University
Arthur W.Coviello RSA President and EMC Executive Vice President
Maria Tsakali European Commission. Information Society and Media Directorate General
Chen Zhong professor from Peking University
Zhang Huanguo professor from Wuhan University
Lai Xuejia professor from Shanghai Jiaotong University
Lin Dongdai tutor at CAS Software Research Institute
Zhai Qibin professor from CAS Information Safety National Key lab
Mike Koehler Teradata Global CEO
Aaron Hsin Teradata China region CEO
  IBM Global vice CEO
Sami Ben Romdhane eBay Senior Director, Technology Platform PM
Nina Huang Teradata China region Vice President


May 18th 13:30-May 20th, 16:00, Cloud Computing Core Technology and Application Exhibition
May 18th 13:30-18:00 Closed meeting
  Chinese Institute of Electronics Cloud Computing Expert Committee Plenary Session
  Sino-EU, America Cooperation Roundtable forum
  Cross-strait Cloud Computing cooperation round table forum
May 19th 8:30-18:00 Plenary Session
May 20th 8:30-18:00 Breakout conference
  Breakout 1: Cloud computing core technology architecture
  Topics: distributed computing, mass distribution data processing and analyses, high-performance computing and other cloud computing core technologies
  Breakout 2: Cloud computing platform and application practices
  Topics: application practices on cloud computing platform (PaaS), software development and solutions
  Breakout 3: Cloud storage and virtualization
  Topics: storage and virtualization technology and solutions
  Breakout 4: Information security in the context of cloud computing
  Topics: security technology and solutions for cloud computing
  Breakout 5: Cloud computing and new-type data center
  Topics: technologies and solutions for cloud computing infrastructure (Iaas)
  Breakout 6: Cloud computing and IT innovation
  Topics: SaaS and industrial applications, for CIO and IT professionals
  Breakout 7: Cloud Computing and open technologies
  Topics: internet and cloud computing-based open platforms and API technologies and application
  Breakout 8: Cloud computing, investments and emerging industries
  Topics: cities having launched cloud computing innovation projects, investments and experiences in start-ups
  Breakout 9: Cloud computing and mobile internet
  Topics: mobile network technologies and innovation against the background of cloud computing