1.Emphasize application:in the conference, we shall specially add cloud computing aiming at CIO and professional industrial information people as well as the industry application innovation forum to discuss cloud computing solution and application innovation in electronic government affair, internet, telecommunication operation, energy source traffic, medical health, cultural education, publishing media and other industries; 2.Internationality:the conference shall invite famous experts and scholars from several countries and regions abroad to make a speech so as to drive international cooperation and exchange of cloud computing. We shall further hold Sino-Europe and America Cloud Computing Cooperation Forum, Cloud Computing Cooperation Forum for Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits and other higher level forums between China and Foreign Countries; more>>


Since invention of computer, cloud computing is considered as another great innovation in electronic information region after mainframe computer, personal computer and internet. It starts a new cloud computing era. The essence is a computing mode based on internet. Under the mode, computing capacity, storage capacity, network exchanging capability, information service capability another computing resources are dynamic. They can be scalable and virtualized. They can be supplied and delivered to the end-user in service mode. Presently, cloud computing develops quickly. Research agency and manufacturers in electronic information domain all over the world more>>



May 23
Chinese Institute of Electronics Cloud Computing Expert Committee Working Conference(only for invited customers)
Chinese Cloud Computing Technology Industry Association Working Conference(only for invited customers)
China-Europe and America Cloud Computing Cooperation Forum(only for invited customers)
The Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan Cloud Computing Cooperation Forum (only for invited customers)
Cloud Computing and Smart City Mayor Forum (only for invited customers)
Session of Cloud Computing Platform Technology
 - High-level Detailed Technology Description of Hadoop Platform
 - High-level Detailed Technology Description of Hadoop Platform
May 24
Plenary Meeting
May 25
Special Forums
Key Technology Structure of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing and Big Data
Cloud Computing Platform and Application Practice
Information Security in Cloud Computing Era
Data Center of Cloud Computing
Storage and Virtualization of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing, Mobile Internet and New Terminal
Demonstration Application Seminar
Computing and Innovation of E-government
Cloud Computing and Innovation of Education Informatization
Cloud Computing and Innovation of Medical Informatization
May 23-25
Exhibition for cloud computing technology and application

    Previous Speaker

    • guest nameAmr Awadallah
      CEO of Cloudera
    • guest nameDave Nielsen
      Co-founder of CloudCamp
    • guest nameMike Pascoe
      Magor Communication CEO
    • guest nameRichard Reiner
      Ex-CEO of Enomaly
    • guest nameWu Jichuang
      Chairman of Chinese Institute of Electronics
    • guest nameLi Deyi
      Director of Professional Cloud Computing Committee of Chinese Institute of Electronics and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
    • guest nameNi Guangnan
      The Chinese Academy of Engineering
    • guest nameZhang Yaqin
      Vice-president of Microsoft
    • guest nameYang Zhenkun
      Vice President of taobao
    • guest nameMao Wenbo
      CEO of Daoliyun
    • guest nameHe Gang
      Vice president of 360buy
    • guest nameJiang Qingye
      Ex-president of cloud computing of Tianya
    • guest nameTeyo Tyree
      Co-founder of Puppet
    • guest nameSteve Herrod
      CTO of VMware
    • guest nameBilly Cox
      Intel Cloud Software Strategy Director
    • guest nameDenis Caromel
      Founder and CEO of ActiveEon
    • guest nameMei Hong
      The Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
    • guest nameLi Zhengmao
      Vice president of China Mobile
    • guest nameLi Wei
      The Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
    • guest nameWang Endong
      Vice-General Manager of China Telecome
    • guest nameWang Yang
      Vice president of IBM
    • guest nameSun Zhiwei
      Vice President of China,CA Technologies
    • guest nameLuo Shengmei
      Chief architect of ZTE
    • guest nameHuang Hai
      Founder & CEO of BingoSoft
    • guest nameLin Shiding
      The Chief architect of Baidu
    • guest nameZhang Wensong
      Senior researcher of Taobao
    • guest nameHuang Dong
      Vice-president of Technology of tudou
    • guest nameJi Xinhua
      CEO of Youke
    • guest nameZhu Jinzhi
      Vice president of Huawei
    • guest nameWang Endong
      President of Inspur
    • guest nameWang Jin
      Vice president of Baidu
    • guest nameWang Jian
      CEO of Aliyun
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    • Email:cloud2012@csdn.net

    Advisory Body

    • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
    • National Development and Reform Commission
    • China Association for Science and Technology
    • People's Government of Beijing


    • Chinese Institute of Electronics


    • China Committee of International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)


    • China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance
    • Cloud Computing Expert Committee


    • CSDN & Programmer magazine

    Conference partner

    • Aliyun
    • Baidu
    • Bingosoft
    • China Mobile
    • CA Technologies
    • China National Software
    • Huawei
    • IBM
    • INSPUR
    • Intel
    • Microsoft
    • Seagate Technology
    • VMware
    • YOYO
    • ZTE Corporation

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    • 360
    • AMD
    • Eucalyptus Systems
    • Greatwall Computer
    • SPSP Huizhi
    • Primemobi Technology
    • Fujian Centerm Information Co.,Ltd
    • Teradata
    • Tilera Corporation
    • Owtware (Shanghai) Technology ltd.

    Exhibition partner

    • alidao
    • Broadview
    • TianYun
    • yovole
    • 800APPs
    • Cloudlise Ltd
    • ChinaCache
    • China Standard Software
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    • Power-All Networks
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